Bullying Prevention Month

This past month of October was National Bullying Prevention Month and we had a range of creative, inspiring, and empowering activities happening throughout the entire county. Take a look at this list and our gallery of photos: October 4th, 18th, 25th Bullying Prevention workshops for foster parents 11th Fairview March Against Bullying KION News Coverage […]

The Art of Empowering Students

What’s better than listening to the voice of a student? Listening to all their voices! Recently, Harmony At Home has launched the Student Led-Assembly, a two-month process driven by students. The assembly is developed to respond to your specific school needs. So far we have delivered to four schools in Monterey County! The school that I am […]

Managing Trauma in the Classroom

Trauma in children display itself in many different ways, and the effects of trauma can have a huge impact on the classroom environment.  Teachers do not always have the training to manage behaviors that are a result of trauma, and counseling/supportive services are not always readily available.  In order to manage trauma in the classroom, […]

Classroom Circles for Bullying Prevention, Mindfulness, & Restorative Practices

Classroom Circles/Meetings are a critical component to the success of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP), Mindfulness, and Restorative Practices. An OBPP research study has shown that teachers who systematically used class meetings in their anti-bullying work obtained larger reductions in bullying problems one year after introduction of OBPP compared to those who used class meetings […]