Harmony At Home has launched the Olweus (Ol-vay-us) Bullying Prevention Program in the Salinas City Elementary School District. We are currently serving over 11,000 children, parents, teachers, non-teaching staff, administrators and community partners. The goals of the program are to reduce existing bullying problems among students, to prevent the development of new bullying problems and to achieve better peer relations at school. We will continue to expand this program as other schools and districts recognize the benefits of changing the climate and culture of a school. In Dr. Olweus’ words: “Every Child should have the right to be spared oppression and repeated intentional humiliation, and to feel safe at school.” – Dan Olweus, Ph.D

The video on the left which deals with the topic of bullying. Click here to see an article on KAZU.org regarding our involvement in a Bullying Prevention Project in Salinas. Click here to access a pdf version of this article.


NEW! Student-Led Assembly: Over the past several months, our bullying prevention team has been creating a new student-led assembly program! Over a two-month period one of our bullying prevention coordinators will work directly with a core team of students to:

  • Assess your school climate.
  • Design and develop an engaging assembly to respond to your specific school needs.
  • Deliver the dynamic and student-driven assembly.
  • Debrief the process.

Our coordinator will act as a facilitator to create a platform and space for the students to take the lead in the assessment, design, and delivery process. Upon completion of the assembly, we will also provide you with a comprehensive report summarizing the assessment findings, debriefing notes, and suggested next steps to further enhance your school climate. Please contact us for more information.

Pink Shirt Day 2017. On February 22nd, participants wore pink to help Salinas Elementary Schools bring an end to bullying!

Wonderful turn out for Pink Shirt Day 2016, all across the Monterey Peninsula. On February 24th, participants wore pink to show that they don’t tolerate bullying in their community.

Kammann Elementary School marches to stop bullying