Rotary clubs, businesses, churches, association and others

Bokay Nursery
Bonifacio Plaza – Fred and Margaret Goldsmith
California Water Service Co. – Brenda Granillo
California Water Service, Co.
Camerata Singers
Carmel By The Sea Rotary
Carmel Realty Company – Elizabeth Dini
Carmel Realty Foundation Employee Match – Christine Chin, Geoff and Rebecca Arnold
Cayen Collection – Soraya Cayen
Chilton & House Inc.
Congregation Beth Israel
D.A. Davidson
First United Methodist Church
Fleur De Soleil
Foxy Couture – Susan Galvin
Fred Goldsmith Real Estate
Gilroy Gardens – Family Theme Park
Groza Construction
Harden Ranch Plaza – Fred Goldsmith
Hartnell College
Hayashi Wayland
Integris Wealth Management – Mike Leavy
Huntington Farms
Law Offices of Barbara May
Law Office of Maija West
Law Offices of Sherri L. Perlman
Law Office of Yvonne A. Ascher
Leach & Walker
Linda Floyd Inc. Interior Design
Mag One Media – Alex Garcia
Matsui Nursery, Inc. – Theresa Matsui
Monterey Bay Aquarium – The Ticket Donations Team
Monterey Rotary
Noland, Hamerly, Etienne & Hoss – Leslie Finnegan
Northridge Mall
Pacific Valley Bank
PGI Management – Fred Goldsmith
Salinas Chamber of Commerce
Salinas Valley Community Church
Salinas Valley Ford
Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital
Salinas Valley Prison
Sea Breeze Harvesting
Seaside Rotary
SSB Construction – Steve Goldman
Star Market
Sur in the Barnyard
Teen Success, Inc.
The Ingram Group
The Law Offices of Sheri L. Perlman
UPS Carmel – Jen Rossi
Vanderbilt CPA – Jan Vanderbilt
Yellow Brick Road

Local Foundations, grants, family foundations and trusts

AmazonSmile Foundation
American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
Associated Certified Family Law Specialists
Barnet Segal Trust
Bauer Family Foundation
Bell Family Charitable Trust Community Foundation for Monterey County
Bohland Family Charitable Gift Fund
Harden Foundation
Heritage Farms of California
Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund
Ralph Knox Foundation
Leavy Family Foundation
Monterey County Behavioral Health
Monterey Peninsula Foundation
Nancy Buck Ransom Foundation
Pebble Beach Company Foundation
Perrochi Family Trust
RBC Foundation
Rick and Tonya Antle Fund
Tanimura Family Foundation
The Alan J. Hirschfield Family Foundation
The Community Foundation of Monterey County
The Good Steward Charitable Fund of the Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
United Way
Upjohn California Fund
Woodward Family Foundation


Start up funding in the early days

Action Council Monterey County
Granite Construction
Phillips Trust
Soroptomist International Carmel
Taylor Farms
Woolpert Foundation
Yellow Brick Road
Zad and Laela Leavy

Individual Donors 2019-2020

Ms. Mary Kay Acquazzino
Ms. Patricia Addleman
Ms. Jennifer Allen
Ms. Savannah Alvarez
Ms. Laura Amezcua
Mrs. Tonya Antle
Ms. Nina Arman
Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Arnold
Mr. Jose Arreola and Mrs. Brenda Granillo-Arreola
Ms. Yvonne Ascher
Ms. Wendy Askew
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Asmus
Ms. Sarah Austin
Ms. Vickie Avila
Ms. Michelle Babin
Ms. Frances Baca
Ms. La Verne Baker Leyva and Ms. Larise Baker
Ms. Kim Barofsky Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Barrientos
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Beach
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Behm
Mr. Eldridge Bell
Ms. Sheila Benson
Ms. Lindsey Berg-James
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bestor
Ms. Trudy Bohland
Ms. Elizabeth Bowman
Mr. and Mrs. Casey Boyns
Mr. and Mrs. William Brandwein
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Brau
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brenner
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Briscoe
Ms. Ginny Brown
Ms. Paula Browning
Mr. Ben Bruce
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bruer
Ms. Patricia Brukoff
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Brusa
Mr. Ben Bryant
Ms. Bonnie Bufkin
Ms. Laura Burian
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Bynoe
Ms. Anne Campbell
Ms. Sharen Carey
Ms. Holly Carlin
Ms. Patricia Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chambers Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Chazen
Mr. Greg Chilton
Mr. and Mrs. David Chinn
Ms. Lorna Claerbout
Ms. Jennifer Colby
Ms. Elizabeth Cole
Ms. Ashley Collick
Ms. Julie Conrad
Ms. Denise Cook
Ms. Amelia Craig
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Crescente
Ms. Maricela Cruz
Ms. Margaret D’Arrigo-Martin
Ms. Homeira Daliri
Ms. Margaret Danielson
Mr. and Mrs. R. Lynn Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Tony DeCarlo
Ms. Robin DeFilippi
Mr. Joseph DeRuosi
Mr. Chuck Des Roches
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Devers
Ms. Jennifer DeVilliers
Mr. PK Diffenbaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dini
Ms. Susan Ditzler
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Doolittle
Mr. Michael Dremel and Ms. Pinkie Weesner
Mr. Bruce Dunlap and Mrs. Carol Kolb
Ms. Patty Escobar
Ms. Jessica Faddis
Ms. Sharon Farr
Ms. Judy Feisthamel Cortes
Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Ferlito
Mrs. Rena Feuerstein
Ms. Alisa Fineman and Mr. Kimball Hurd
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Finnegan
Mr. Chris Flescher
Mr. Miguel Flores SIlverio and Mrs. Guadalupe Arroyo Lozano
Ms. Linda Floyd
Ms. Anna Foglia
Ms. Kae Forkner
Ms. Gwenn Frindt
Mr. Louis Frizzell
Ms. Sandra Jo Galvan
Ms. Frances Gaver
Ms. Patricia Gibeau
Mrs. Patricia Gilbertson
Ms. Jennifer Golden
Mr. and Mrs. Drew Goodman
Mr. Robert Gotch
Mr. Diane Grady
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Greenbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Greenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Greene
Ms. Brinet Greenlee
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Grobman
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Grundy
Mrs. Diane Grundy
Mr. and Mrs. Rodrigo Guerrero
Mr. Gabriel Guillen and Ms. Sarah Behm
Ms. AnnMarie Rose Hagn
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Hand
Ms. Lynn Handshy
Ms. Peggy Hansen
Ms. Ruth Hartmann
Ms. Caroline Haskell
Ms. Shari Hastey
Mr. David Hays
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hayward
Ms. Ingrid Hermann
Mr. Frank Hespe Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hitchcock
Ms. Yadira Hobby
Mr. Alejandro Hogan
Ms. Rosa Hong
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hood
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Hudson
Ms. Kristen Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Huntington
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Huntington
Ms. Ana Ingram
Ms. Beth Ingram
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Jackson
Ms. Joy Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jealous
Ms. Jeannette Jessup
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Johnsen
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Johnson
Ms. Deborah Juran
Ms. Brittany Kalinowski
Mr. and Mrs. Robin Keeler
Ms. Debra Keller
Ms. Karin Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kelly
Ms. Nancy Kotowski
Ms. Shelley Kroopf
Mr. Mark Lamarque
Ms. Marianne Lamberts
Ms. Rosemary Lande
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Larsen
Mr. Arthur Latimer
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Laurance
Ms. Vicki Law
Mr. Donald Leach and Mrs. Robin Anderson
Mrs. Laela Leavy
Mr. Michael Leavy and Mrs. Susan Galvin
Ms. Linda Lee
Ms. Nancy Leon
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lesser
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Lesser
Ms. Judy Lewis
Ms. Elaine Lingo
Ms. Jill Livingstone
Mr. Juan Pablo Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Skip Lord
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Lowrey
Ms. Joan Lowry
Ms. Lynn Lozier and Mr. Tommy Goode
Ms. Valera Lyles
Mr. and Mrs. John Mahoney
Mr. Kevin Mahoney and Ms. Lovina Worick
Mr. and Mrs. Gadi Maier
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Marcus
Mr. Barry Marks and Ms. Julia Lorraine
Ms. Linda McCarthy
Ms. Catherine McCauley
Ms. Ruth McClendon
Ms. Samantha McCloud
Ms. Wendy McCraney-Matz
Mrs. Patricia McDermott
Ms. Linda McGlone
Mr. Stan McKee
Dr. Regina Marshall
Ms. Mary Mason
Ms. Sarah Melcher
Mr. Gael Meraud
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Michie
Ms. Cathy Miller
Mr. Jose Moran
Ms. Lynn Morgenlander and Mr. Fred Cohen
Ms. Penny Morris
Ms. Susan Morse
Mrs. MarthaElin Mountain
Ms. Yolanda Munoz
Ms. Donna Murphy
Ms. Eileen Nazzaro
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Nejasmich
Ms. Katherine Newhouse
Ms. Katharine Nicholson
Ms. Charlotte Noyes
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin O’Brien
Ms. Meighan O’Brien
Ms. Deniz Ortoctepe
Mr. Larry Osborne
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Overett
Mr. and Mrs. William Owen
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Packer
Ms. Carol Parker
Ms. Sue Parris
Ms. Marcia Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Paulson
Ms. Connie Peirsol
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. William Perocchi
Ms. Elisa Pollard-Gensberg
Ms. Princess Pope
Ms. Terri Posadas
Mr. Sean Powell
Ms. Michelle Raine
Ms. Melissa Ramirez
Ms. Meghan Rasmussen
Ms. Kathleen Rice
Ms. Sandra Rich
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Rick
Mr. Jeffrey Riehl
Mr. Clyde Roberson
Ms. Gail Roberson
Mr. Nick Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. George Rothman
Ms. Esther Rubio
Ms. Tara Ryan
Mr. David Sabih and Ms. Anna Swartley
Ms. Suzanne Salazar
Ms. Sonja Saldivar
Mr. James Sammet
Ms. Christine Sandin Fletcher
Ms. Sandra Sandin
Ms. Nancy Scheid
Ms. Wendy Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Schuss
Ms. Silvia Serrano
Mr. Joe Servi
Ms. Lynne Sexton
Commander Allen Sherwood, USN(Ret.) and Mrs. Susan Prest
Ms. Janie Silveria
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Simon
Mrs. Michelle Slade
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sleeper
K.K. Smith
Mr. Nicholas Smith
Ms. Rosemary Soto
Ms. Betty Jean Stallings
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Staples
Ms. Katherine Stoner and Ms. Michelle Welch
Mr. and Mrs. John Sullivan
Ms. Elizabeth Anne Summerhayes
Ms. Jennifer Suttie
Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Sutton
Ms. Judy Tatelbaum
Ms. Jennifer Taylor
Ms. Grace Thomson
Ms. DeeAnn Thompson and Mr. Michael Jones
Mr. Gary Thompson and Family
Ms. Mary Todd
Dr. Orian Tolton
Mr. and Mrs. Kris Toscano
Ms. Monica Tovar
Ms. Traci Townsend-Gieg
Ms. Marlene Trotter-Murray Mr. and Mrs. David Tucker
Ms. Jane Upp
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Vie
Ms. Marcia Waples
Mr. Roland Ware
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Weidmann
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce West
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Wheelis
Ms. Linda Winchester
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Wiskoff
Ms. Darleen Witcher
Mr. Reid Woodward
Ms. Carla and Ms. Theresa Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Cary Yeh
Ms. Judy Zappacosta
Mr. Rafael Zavala