Harmony At Home has year round support for youth who have experienced trauma on many levels. We have developed programs that focus on helping children and youth envision the possibilities and opportunities that they can experience in their lives. They are encouraged to look at the importance of the choices they make today, and how those choices will affect their futures. 

Gail Bengard, LMFT, supports youth with trauma-informed counseling services who attend Monterey County Office of Education’s S.A.F.E. and iTAP programs. 

This upcoming school year we will be not only continuing our relationship with Monterey County Office of Education’s Alt. Ed. program but will be partnering with Rancho Cielo to provide the school community with a full time Mental Health Professional. We will continue serving youth who have experienced a multitude of trauma related experiences., helping them to process their trauma. The focus of the trauma-informed treatment is to help the youth process their trauma, work through it with compassionate support and ultimately envision the possibilities and opportunities that they can experience in their lives and to recognize the importance of the choices they make today. They learn that they have choices and that they have the power to break dysfunctional cycles in their lives.

Covid 19 disrupted our Teen Enrichment Summer Camp programs and we are just now regrouping and getting back on track. This year we will be working on our Youth Mentoring Programs which will help us to set up our Summer Camps for 2023.

Harmony At Home has been supporting youth in breaking cycles of violence and abuse since its beginnings. We have clients who went through our programs as teens and are now in their 20’s and early 30’s. The young adults who report back to us on how they are doing all say that if it wasn’t for Harmony At Home they very likely would not be functioning or even alive.

“HAH has had an immeasurable impact on my life.. not only do I have memories of a lifetime that I shared with the amazing people there but I also have kept the useful life tools that I feel I gained during those crucial times in my life’s journey. HAH was my safe place and that was what I felt I needed the most. To everyone at HAH I cannot personally thank you all enough for being so generous with your time & kindness!!”

Areanna Mosley – Harmony At Home client 2008-2014

Thank you to all of those who have supported our clients in offering them an opportunity that is life changing!

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