For over a decade, Harmony At Home has been implementing bullying prevention support throughout Monterey County! The Harmony At Home’s Bullying Prevention Program has been able to support as many as 31,000 students from 52 schools in 13 school districts across Monterey County and the Aromas- San Juan area in one school year. Every year we serve thousands of children, parents, teachers, non-teaching staff, administrators and community partners. Our Bullying Prevention Team supports our school partners with the implementation of a Student-Led Assembly (SLA), class meetings, one on one individual bullying prevention support, staff trainings, parent workshops that are provided in English and Spanish and with community events. The goals of our program are to reduce existing bullying problems among students, to prevent the development of new bullying problems and to achieve better peer relations at schools. 

In Dr. Olweus’ words, founder of the world renowned Olweus Bullying Prevention Program:

“Every Child should have the right to be spared oppression and repeated intentional humiliation, and to feel safe at school.”

Dan Olweus, Ph.D

Student-Led Assembly

A Harmony At Home’s Bullying Prevention Team establishes the Anti-Bullying Club (ABC) at the school site. The ABC students are selected based on bullying related experiences, leadership skills or students with a desire to inspire other students to make a difference in their school. The goal of the SLA is to build community, safety and bullying prevention awareness through upstander behaviors modeled by students selected to participate in the development of the schools SLA. Over a two-month period one of our Bullying Prevention Staff will work directly with the core team of students to: 

  • Design and develop an engaging assembly that addresses the specific school needs in terms of bullying prevention.
  • Deliver the dynamic and student-driven assembly.
  • Continue ABC meetings throughout the school year to keep students inspired and engaged in bullying prevention.

Referral Process

For inquires about the Harmony At Home’s Bullying Prevention Program please contact Daniela Anaya, Bullying Prevention Program Manager at

Additional information/flyers – Important Anti-Bullying Celebrations 

  • October is Bullying Prevention Awareness Month and Harmony At Home celebrates with our school partners motivated to invite us to participate with them on their school campus. We provide bullying prevention swag, games, giveaways, music and fun times.
  •  February is Pink Shirt Day, another bullying prevention awareness event and the Harmony At Home’s Bullying Prevention Program will celebrate the entire month.
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  • Bullying Prevention Spanish

Walter Colton Assembly Team preparing for the big day!

Walter Colton group photo!

Millennium Charter High School Group Photo

MCHS Student speech as part of the assembly!

Chualar Assembly Group Photo

Chualar MC speaking about upstander actions!

Pink Shirt Day: Participants wore pink to help Salinas Elementary Schools bring an end to bullying!

Wonderful turn out for Pink Shirt Day all across the Monterey Peninsula. Participants wore pink to show that they don’t tolerate bullying in their community.

Kammann Elementary School marches to stop bullying! Each classroom created a customized shield to defend against bullying!

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