Teen Success a Program of Shine Together for Young Mothers in Salinas, South Monterey County, and now North Monterey County and further into the Monterey County Peninsula

The Teen Success Program is an 18 month program for pregnant or parenting young women, ages 14-24 years old, who have not yet graduated high school or received their GED.

Program includes:

  • Educational navigation and support to help young moms graduate high school
  • Parenting education to develop skills needed to nurture their child’s growth and school readiness
  • Coaching with a mentor to support goal setting, address challenges young moms may face, and connect to resources
  • A weekly Peer Learning Group where young moms come together and focus on parenting education, health and wellness, and self-empowerment.
  • Post-secondary exploration and support; including submitting FAFSA and admissions applications



For questions about the program or to join, please contact the Program Manager, Sandra Mendoza at sandram@harmony-at-home.org or the Director of Operations, Joaquin Hernandez at joaquin@harmony-at-home.org


About Teen Success

To implement the Salinas Teen Success Program, Harmony At Home partners with Teen Success. Teen Success is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help underserved teen mothers and their children become educated, self-sufficient, valued members of society.

Teen Success provides programming to help teen mothers to graduate high school, develop strong parenting skills to nurture their child’s positive development, and build the life skills necessary to achieve their full potential in school, as parents, and in life. To learn more about Teen Success please visit www.teensuccess.org.

Why Join?

There are many benefits to joining a Teen Success group:

  • Meet other teen mothers like you
  • Receive diapers and wipes
  • Incentives for attendance
  • Learn new skills to help you with parenting and pursuing your education.
  • Free healthy snacks.
  • Childcare is available during in-person group meetings


In order to be eligible for the Teen Success program, a teen MUST:

  • Be between the ages of 14 and 24
  • Have NOT graduated from high school or obtained a GED


The Teen Success program is available across Monterey County.

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