Back To School Bullying Prevention Tips

From our Harmony at Home Bullying Prevention Team, here are some tips for preventing and reducing bullying based on the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program and our federal guidelines.

  • Assess: What are your needs based on data from school climate surveys? The Olweus Bullying Questionnaire is a fabulous tool to assess student needs in regards to bullying.
  • Engage: Involve parents, youth, and your entire staff in building program goals. Each Salinas Bullying Prevention school has a leadership team of school staff that guides implementation and sustainability. We also set up a bullying prevention station at almost every family engagement event, like back-to-school night coming up!
  • Establish PoliciesUpdate your policies and rules to include explicit expectations in regards to bullying. Every one of our Olweus schools in Salinas has their four anti-bullying rules posted in classrooms, hallways, cafeterias, and the office. We have also revised our supervisor rules and systems based on data from our Olweus Bullying Questionnaire.
  • Build a Safe Climate and CulturePlan several school-wide events to set a tone of safety and inclusivity throughout the year. Stay tuned for our Bullying Prevention Kick-Offs that will be taking place at every one of our partner schools in Salinas!
  • Educate: Incorporate bullying prevention and social emotional learning into the curriculum and school activities.  Did you know that every teacher in our Olweus schools conducts a weekly classroom meeting/circle to discuss bullying prevention techniques?
  • Empower: Continue supporting your students, staff, and parents to prevent, reduce, and report bullying. Some of our Salinas school partners have included an ‘upstander’ award in their quarterly awards ceremony along with posting student artwork related to bullying prevention. Staff and students have also put together skits and videos to reinforce the anti-bullying rules!

Please share with us what you are doing to prevent and reduce bullying in your schools or contact us for more information! And, please enjoy this fun video to define and discuss bullying with your students:

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