You Are Going to Love Pink Shirt Day!

Pink Shirt Day is my favorite day of the year every year!  I first heard about this International Anti-Bullying Observation a few years ago from a colleague who just happens to know that bullying prevention is my passion and pink is my favorite color.  He said, “Pinkie, have you heard about Pink Shirt Day?  You are going to love it!”  And he was so right.  Please watch this video and if you love it, too, get involved on Wednesday, February 28, 2018.  As the kids say, it’s “easy-peasy”.  ?

Here are just a few ways to participate in Pink Shirt Day…

1)  Wear any pink shirt; take a photo of yourself and post it to social media with the following hashtags: #PinkShirtPromise  #HarmonyAtHome  #SunStreetCenters  #CASP (be sure to get parent approval before posting personal photos to social media if you are under 18).

2)  Organize a group of friends to wear pink with you and post photos with hashtags.

3)  Organize a group of friends at your work place, school or in your neighborhood to participate in a flashmob on Pink Shirt Day and post videos of the event on social media with hashtags.

4)  Invite staff and faculty at school to organize a photo of the entire student body wearing pink and spelling out PSD on the field.

5)  At elementary, middle, and high schools, organize banner creating events, door decorating events, recess activities, writing activities, a photo booth at lunch recess, and decorate your whole campus in pink.  (p.s. Door decorating and poster or banner making events are different from contests.  Contests result in winners and losers.  Events mean everyone who participates is a winner!)  

6)  Organize the staff of your commercial business, government office, police/fire department, community group, religious community, or non-profit organization to wear pink and post it to your official website as well as to social media to promote your organization as a Bully Free Space and a socially conscious entity.

7)  Host a Pink Shirt Day assembly at school and invite students to create original music, to tell their personal success stories about countering bullying, and to act out skits portraying “up stander” behaviors (ways to counter the aggressive person or support the injured party).

8)  Host a Pink Shirt Day Party at your home or office and serve pink refreshments on pink tablecloths and plates with pink banners, flags and streamers as decoration.

9)  Organize a Pink Shirt Day March in your city, town, or community and carry signs, banners, and placards with anti-bullying slogans and “up-stander” pledges on them.

10)  Contact local media outlets and ask them to cover any of your events and help promote Pink Shirt Day and Anti-Bullying in the papers, on the radio, and on TV.  They can post to their official websites, too!

Pink Shirt Day and I are clearly made for each other.  ?  I get so excited about it every year!  I will definitely be sporting pink on Wednesday, February 28th, 2018 and doing all I can to help promote bullying prevention everywhere I go.  I hope you’ll join me and celebrate in grand style, too.  Get involved; get it solved!  Change the world one pink shirt at a time.

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