Bullying Prevention Month in Monterey County!

This month is National Bullying Prevention Month and schools across Monterey County are celebrating with an array of creative activities. Here is a list and gallery of activities that our partner schools in Salinas City Elementary School District have done to bring awareness to bullying prevention. We encourage all schools and youth organizations to participate and share your ideas. If your school or organization is on social media, please include the #HarmonyAtHome or #AntiBullying831 to your bullying prevention pictures and we will share out your post!

Now is the time, Monterey County, to promote peace and unity!

  • Student Led Assemblies
  • Positive Chalk Artwork
  • Upstander Pledge Chain
  • Human Peace Sign
  • Bullying Prevention Bingo
  • Anti-Bullying Bulletin Board
  • Anti-Bullying Door Decorating
  • Grade Level Chants Against Bullying
  • Shade Out Bullying Spirit Day (Wear Sunglasses to School)
  • Stomp Out Bullying Spirit Day (Wear Boots to School)
  • Be a Buddy Twin Spirit Day 
  • Invite a Friend to a PlayWorks Game!
  • Picnic Lunch on the Grass with Friends and Family
  • Upstander Music Performances
  • Peace Garden with Positive Messages on Rocks

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